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A Comprehensive Approach


We have extensive experience with nursery start up in the Gulf and beyond. Care and precision is required when starting a new early childhood centre and the time and commitment from our company is a guarantee. Nursery services include:

  1. Preparing academic plans and education care plans.

  2. Writing policies & procedures.

  3. Reviewing the design & layout of your location.

  4. Advice on recruitment.

  5. Writing content for your preschool.


Happy Clients: Raffles International School, Banan Nursery, Pippen Park Nursery, Canadian Montessori Center, Al Shomoukh Nursery, Little Poppets, Tiny Feet Nursery, Mama Mia Nursery, Little Angel ELC, Little Wonders Early Childhood Centre.


With our guarantee of quality and high standards, we have partnered with companies that provide the best resources and furniture, with specialist provision for early childhood educational settings. 


Baby Playing with Building Blocks


We work hard to make sure you reach your goals by providing you with guidance and tools to make strategic plans for ELC/nursery start up. We listen to your ideas. Using a short questionnaire and discovery session, we will pin down the questions of when, where, what price point, what market segment and what staffing expectations. We draw on very good working knowledge in the current market to leave you with an initial appraisal about the project’s chances.

Railroad Set


This is a detailed exercise that seeks to pin down the main features of the proposed location, facilities, likely community, ‘curriculum offer’ and balance, fee point, other revenue options, staff salaries, key costs, key risks, etc. We can advise on competitor benchmarks and prepare the Academic Plan for KHDA approval.

Teacher and Young Student


If you wish, we can get the Pre-school ready for you. We work with a Project Plan which you are asked to sign off. It schedules the work that will be done by your contractors on the facilities. We provide plans for the children’s work and activities, we assist with staff and induct them, we provide advice on the marketing material for you to use, and we set up the enrolment office with your appointed Opening Team.

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