Academic Plans the P.R.MINDS Way

Professional Minds has set up over 15 nurseries and early learning centres in the UAE.

Under recent developments in the education sector in the UAE, the KHDA has taken over the licensing of early childhood centres ('ECC's) in Dubai. ADEK licenses nurseries in Abu Dhabi, while SPEA has the matching role in Sharjah. Academic plans must be prepared before early learning centres and nurseries are opened. 

The academic plan (now called the 'Education and Care Plan (ECP) in Dubai), will provide you with a blueprint for your early childhood centre/nursery, setting out foundational elements of best practices. It will document the curriculum, organisational structure, as well as defining applicable policies and procedures; in line with current UAE standards for early childhood education and development.

Professional Minds gives you peace of mind through reliable research - based advice.

What's in an Academic Plan?

  • Executive Summary

  • Leadership Overview

  • Curriculum

  • Education and Care Practice

  • Facilities and Learning Spaces

  • Health, Safety and Hygiene Policies

  • Management Structure

  • Marketing Plan

  • Financial Plan

 In addition to writing the academic plan, we provide the following services:

  • Advising on the optimal design and layout of floor plans

  • Providing high grade resources and furniture

  • Advising on the recruitment of key staff