Academic Plans the P.R.MINDS Way

Professional Minds has set up over 12 nurseries and early learning centres in Dubai.

Under recent developments in the education sector in the UAE, the KHDA has taken over the licensing of early learning centres ('ELC's) in Dubai. ADEK licenses nurseries in Abu Dhabi while SPEA has the matching role in Sharjah. Academic plans must be prepared before early learning centres and nurseries are opened. 

The academic plan provides a blueprint for any ELC/nursery and sets out foundational elements of best practices. It allows owners and investors to document the curriculum, organisational structure, as well as defining applicable policies and procedures; in line with current UAE standards for early childhood education and development.

Professional Minds, has prepared a number of exceptional academic plans, liaising with KHDA officials to ensure compliance with regulatory standards, equipping preschools with first-rate resources, assisting with the recruitment of qualified staff and formulating mandatory policies and procedures. 

Our educational consultancy, provides advice and support to owners and investors of ELC's and nurseries in the Arabian Gulf and also mentors and coaches teaching staff.

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What's in the Academic Plan?

  • Executive Summary

  • Leadership

  • Curriculum

  • Education and Care Practice

  • Facilities and Learning Spaces

  • Health, Safety and Hygiene

  • Management

  • Marketing and Financial Plans

  • Appendices

 In addition to writing the academic plan, we provide the following services:

  • Preparing plans (design, layout)

  • Providing high grade resources and furniture

  • Advising on the recruitment of key staff