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Premium Academic Plans.



Professional Minds has helped to set up over 20 nurseries and early learning centres in the UAE, since 2012. Writing strategic academic plans has been a key to this success.

Licensing Your Nursery 

Within the early education sector in the UAE:


  • The KHDA licenses early childhood centres ('ECC's) in Dubai.

  • ADEK licenses nurseries in Abu Dhabi.

  • SPEA has the matching role in Sharjah.

Academic plans must be prepared before early learning centres and nurseries secure a license for operating. 

The academic plan (now called the 'Education and Care Plan (ECP) in Dubai), will provide you with a blueprint for your early childhood centre/nursery, setting out foundational elements of best practices.


It documents the curriculum, organisational structure, as well as defining applicable policies and procedures; in line with current UAE standards for early childhood education and development.

Professional Minds gives you peace of mind through reliable, research - based advice. It is a one stop for reliable information, offering you:

  1. Comprehensive and tailored Plans.

  2. Strict adherence to regulations and standards.

  3. Demonstrated expertise with a track record of delivering exceptional results.


  • Little Wonders Early Childhood Centre, Dubai

  • Revere Montessori


  • Mom and Dad English Nursery, Ajman

  • Little Angels Early Childhood Centre, Dubai

  • Raffles International School, Dubai

  • Banan Nursery, Dubai

  • Canadian Montessori Early Childhood Centre

  • Tiny Feet Early Childhood Centre

  • IDEA Early Learning Centre, Dubai

  • Pippen Park Nursery, Dubai

  • American Academy for Girls, Kuwait

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"Patricia has been pivotal in allowing me to expand my brand, from one to three nurseries in the UAE. I have no hesitation in recommending Professional MInds as an early years advisory service."

COO, nurseries in Dubai and Ajman, UAE

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What's in an Academic Plan?

  • Applicant's Profile

  • Staffing

  • Curriculum

  • Education and Care Practice

  • Wellbeing

  • Facilities and Learning Spaces

  • Health, Safety and Hygiene Policies

  • Governance

  • Marketing Plan

  • Financial Plan

Why Choose PRMINDS?

  • Quick and efficient timelines

  • Coaching you for successful start up

  • Confidence to start successfully

  • Implementing best practices

  • Working with a reliable expert 

  • Advice on the optimal design and layout 

  • Pivotal ideas for recruitment of key staff

  • Working within the local context

  • Always placing the child at the centre

  • Planning within budget

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