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Think Win-Win

I'm guessing a dunk is a symbol of winning? I certainly hope so, as it's particularly difficult for some of us!

The essence of today's blog is centred around Stephen R. Covey's Habit 4, of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - 'Think Win-Win; The Habit of Mutual Benefit.

As I collaborate with a number of colleagues around the world at the moment, this is my chosen mindset. How can we both come away from professional conversations, online meetings, telephone calls etc, with a sense of benefit on both sides? I mentioned in an earlier blog that there is a growing sense of camaraderie in various communities and the 'Win -Win' attitude lends itself to the overall climate of sharing.

I thought it might be useful to the leaders in the early childhood community, and beyond, to have some insight regarding Habit 4.


Common Practices

In normal negotiations we sometimes use common practices that show up in various ways such as:

  • Being competitive

  • Feeling threatened by the success of colleagues or peers

  • Overlooking the needs and requirements of others

  • Putting our needs first while disregarding the needs of others

  • Expecting to win or lose, without considering an alternative viewpoint

When we take a close look at the win-win mindset, there are a few alternate and effective practices that may be considered.

Highly Effective Practices

  • Consider what an abundant mindset looks like. Abundance here means having more than enough for everyone.

  • Consider the way in which other people can win, as well as your own success.

  • Create an agreement, preferably written. A simple win-win agreement setting out terms that are beneficial to all parties.

  • Win-Win says - "Let's find a solution that works for each one of us". This means valuing and respecting each others needs. Let mutual benefit be a main aim of all forms of communication (written or oral). Employ an approach of cooperation, rather than competition.

Remember that....

" Win-win is a frame of mind. and heart that constantly seeks mutual benefit in all human interactions. Win-win is based on the paradigm that there is plenty for everybody - that one person's success is not achieved at the expense of others." Stephen R. Covey

Patricia Mezu is the founder of

Professional Minds MEA. she is

an early childhood education specialist

and lawyer and resides in the UAE. She

is a certified facilitator of the 7 Habits of

Highly Effective People programme.

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