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Pre-Inspection Strategies for Nurseries

Hello Community of Early Childhood Visionaries!

It’s nearly a new month and also Resurrection Sunday for all who celebrate Easter.

How was the month of March at work? 

What were three of your wins as a professional? 

Documenting your wins in life is healthy for progress and sanity:)). 

Busy Nursery School Leaders

I know just how frantic it can get in the field of early childhood education, whether you own a preschool, manage one or teach in one. The pressure is real.

In March 2024, I helped with pre-inspections for nursery schools in the U.A.E.

Getting ready for an inspection can be a stressful time for the entire workforce.

Being prepared (X100!) is key to the success of an inspection. However, not everyone knows what to expect and how to prepare. 


The good thing is that it is important to be inspection-ready

Why not run your organisation and/or practice in such a way that you are ready to be inspected, assessed and evaluated?

You will be a cut above the rest of your competitors.

 What Does it Mean to Be ‘Inspection-Ready’?

It means that your professional house should be in order. 

Have a look at the three areas below and decide on a scale of 1 -10 how good your practice as an early childhood leader/educator is. 

How does your preschool compare to an outstanding or excellent setting?

The data below highlights three areas of outstanding practice. 

  1. Quality of Teaching and Learning 

Excellent Individualised Teaching and Learning - Activities are open-ended, teaching is individualised, children’s play is enhanced and not interrupted when teaching occurs

2. Robust Curriculum Design

Implements high standards of curriculum design such as application of knowledge of theory and research on child growth and development, integration of knowledge of the community and cultural practices of families and consistently supports the learning outcomes of the chosen curriculum.

3. Quality-Driven Learning Environment

There are many additional areas for you to consider when preparing for an inspection or staying inspection-ready.

If you’d like to improve your current practice, let me know and we can meet for a paid session, online. Often, change and transformation happens when you ask for coaching or mentoring.

Recommended Resources - April 2024

  1. Trauma-informed books - free on the first of every month. I have shared this resource before, but as today is the 1st of March: Piplo Productions - Trauma-informed stories -

  2. Webinar April 2 2024 @ 2pm ET. Early Efforts: How the Pediatric Community Supports Optimal Development and Early School Success | 

  3. Annual Week of the Young Child Celebration! From April 6th through the 12th. 

  4. Free resources for early education - Impact the Child Wakelet Site ( 

Support for your Growth

Would you like targeted support to transform your practice? Have a look at my “How-to Series’ - Services | PRMINDS How-to Series 

To a great month ahead!

P.S. If you know any female ECD leader who will value these Snippets, ask her to email me so I can add her name to the list! 

Seek excellence in your practice. Remember! Mediocrity is boring for children in your care.

Stay in touch.

Patricia Mezu M.A.Ed.

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