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10 Relatable Benefits of Mentorship

Mentoring vs Coaching

Mentoring and coaching overlap in some way, but they are distinct. Coaching skills are productive when mentoring professionals. However, mentoring, unlike coaching, provides direct guidance to a mentee.

Research is clear - structured mentoring enhances the effectiveness of educators and increases retention particularly for staff who are new in their roles. This provides better outcomes for children in their care.

Benefits of Mentoring

Both mentors and mentees can benefit from mentorship when done properly. Here are some clues for a well-functioning mentoring program

  1. It is highly relational.

  2. It uses guided interaction as a tool for staff development.

  3. It has in-depth customised development of knowledge skills and attitude.

  4. It assists with any transitions.

  5. Reciprocal.

  6. Dynamic.

  7. Mentoring incorporates reflective processes.

  8. Creates an accepting and safe environment.

  9. Not linked to performance.

  10. Accelerates the development of new leaders.

A Quick Conclusion & Invitation

I trust that this bite-size blog post will provide you with one takeaway (at least!).

Let me know your thoughts - email Patricia Mezu at

I will respond as I love to hear from early childhood educational leaders.

Invitation for female early years leaders

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Patricia Mezu is the Director of Professional Minds MEA, an early childhood advisory service based in Dubai.

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