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Which Early Years Course?

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Where Do I Begin?

Do you sometimes feel confused about which early years course to do? Which educational institution? Which format (online or face-to-face)? The internet is full, full, full of courses! You may be a person seeking to improve your career in early education with a view to finding a new job in the UAE or elsewhere. But how do you know what course to do?

Before considering the right course for a job in the UAE, why not ask yourself a question - what are the requirements of at least one of the school licensing authorities?

For example, in Dubai, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (‘KHDA”) approves early childhood centres (also known in some places as ‘nurseries’).

To clear up any confusion about the correct qualification for teachers working in early years, this is outlined in one of the KHDA own publications (How to open and early childhood centre):

Early Childhood Teachers (Educators) for Children aged from 45 days to 71 months.”


  • Or be working towards a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education (preferable) or another area


  • Professional certification in early childhood education (for example level three vocational qualification)

Recommended relevant experience in an early childhood setting

Which Course?

With this clear guidance in mind, you can now ask the second question - which course?

There are many available in the UAE and globally.

CACHE Level 3 is popular and a quick Google search will lead you to what is on offer in the Emirates. For you, it is recommended that careful attention is paid to the small print. Be careful when choosing a course. Make sure that it matches YOUR requirements and the requirements of potential employers, and the relevant government authorities. For an idea of what employers are seeking, Google is useful. Look online for sample job descriptions.

Once you are sure about what qualifications are needed, why don’t you have a look at a short Guide that I produced. You can pay what you choose for it.

Here’s the link: Choose the Best Course

Remember my MSP Method© when looking for a new position:

I wish you the best!

For the Guide to Choosing the Best Course click here: Guide

Patricia Mezu, M.A.Ed. Director, Professional Minds

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