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Indoor and Outdoor Play For Preschoolers

Dear Parents of Preschoolers this is solely for you, during this time of lockdown. It’s important to find go-to resources that you don’t have to research, investigate and wonder as to whether they are developmentally appropriate, or not.

Here are two suggestions to keep you on the straight and narrow.

These resources are recommended by specialist early years educators who are keen to develop children, with as little screen time as possible.

  1. Have a look at our free Wakelet pages. If your child is under three years click here. If your child is between two to six years - click here.

  2. Have a look at our recommended resources:

A. As the weather becomes more child friendly in a number of countries around the world, outdoor play learning solutions from Think Outside’ , will prove to be worth a small investment. The company provides educational adventures and activities suitable for children from age 4 years. Think Outside

B. Our second recommendation is from Montikids. This company provides developmentally appropriate learning solutions for children from birth to three years. Unmatched in its suitability for developing infants and toddlers, with easy to access video content for support. For our special discount code use - HOPE123.

As an added bonus today here are some tips for developing readers and writers:

We are simply here to help and support parents ad educators. Email any questions that you may have regarding the development of your preschooler.

This post contains affiliate links. When you you click on a link we may receive a nominal commission, at no additional cost to you.

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