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How to Start a Nursery School in the UAE

How do you start up a preschool successfully?

By crafting a blueprint.

At Professional Minds we have been building the fabric of early childhood centres and nursery schools for over ten years. It's a strategically written plan based on guidance from educational regulatory authorities in the UAE, be that KHDA, ADEK, SPEA or the Ministry of Education. The government requirements have evolved over the years which is evidence of their keenness to improve early years provision in the country.

In conversation this week with an early years leader and colleague from Fiji I was asked about this blueprint. Professional sharing builds us all and I’m happy to give an overview of the way that I approach while writing academic plans aka education and care plans.

Here’s an overview of what information is in Phase 1 of the blueprint.

If you live outside of the United Arab Emirates how does your system compare?

In addition to submitting an academic plan to the relevant licensing authority so much more is required including:

  1. Registering a trade name

  2. Writing a business plan

  3. Preparing a financial plan

  4. Composing a marketing plan

  5. Hiring key qualified and experienced staff

  6. Securing the right location

  7. Liaising with government entities such as the Health Authority and Civil Defense

As you can see it’s a long and involved process and requires expertise. Recommendation - if you are not an early childhood expert and plan to start up a nursery school in the UAE it will save you time and money to hire a professional.

Professional Minds is a boutique advisory offering services to write academic plans successfully.

Click the link here and complete a short questionnaire so that we can provide further information to you:

In service of young learners.

Patricia Mezu | M.A.Ed., AMI Montessori Dipl.

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