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As 2021 Fades Away...

If we have worked together this year please take this as a personal message. Thank you for all the opportunities that have been possible due to your commitment as my client!

As an entrepreneur and coach, here are three things that I have learned between January to December 2021.

  1. Decisions play a powerful part in what we become, in who we are and in what determines our success or (alleged) failure. I chose to be more spontaneous this year, learning to say 'yes!', against my better judgment and by my standards, take more risks. Accordingly, I met people I would never have dreamt of meeting and had several fascinating professional experiences. This has certainly been an eye-opener (in a good way). As Stephen Covey says - a 'win-win'. Note to self - stay professionally spontaneous.

  2. It is absolutely okay to put myself first. What a lesson that has been and it continues to evolve. I say, watch this space! I let go of a significant amount of guilt this year, by prioritising what needed to happen for me. Growing up I only saw this as selfish and uncaring, particularly as a mother. However, as I approach the empty nest stage with genuine gratitude for the time spent nurturing two wonderful people, I find myself in the abstract. Not fully understanding what to do next or where I am supposed to be. Re-defining my boundaries and reassessing my capabilities. This is good, right? In reality, it is somewhat scary. But this is where I am; putting myself first and rediscovering my place, my space, what I bring to the proverbial table. I choose (a decision!) to find a different sense of purpose and remain inspired by truth. Somewhere in my core, perhaps like you, I hope to help others achieve their dreams, their shiny new or altered truth. My second note to self - stay curious and explore, taking clients with you on the journey. Think fun and stay relaxed.

  3. Finally, 2021 has shown me is that it's okay to say no. When the chips are down and responses are required either professionally or personally, 'no' (like 'yes') can be a complete answer. That is all. This lesson taught me how to trust. Trust my judgments, trust me to take responsibility and to assert a status that protects my mental health. There's freedom in saying no. Saying that two-letter word with simple and inoffensive authority, minus aggression. In the past, a negative response from myself met with indecision, angst, potential regret and anxiety around what I might be missing out on. Now it's simply a 'no' laden with confidence and assurance that all is well. I hope that sounds peaceful. It has been. Third note to self - stay in peace setting your boundaries accordingly.

I say to you - thank you for trusting my expertise and experience and for letting me help you on your journey, whether that was by way of writing professional stories or coaching for possibility. My wish for you is to continue to shine and to realise your excellence as only you can. It is entirely within reach.

Best wishes for the new year, 2022!

Patricia Mezu

Founder & Director Professional Minds

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