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2 Essential Pre-Reading Tips for Early Learners

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Pre-reading tips are the next instalment in my mini series about teaching children how to read. Pre-reading skills are developed with children from birth until they start reading. It’s important for me not to define a specific age when children start reading as this can differ, from one child to another. There are no set rules.

What are Pre - Reading Skills?

Pre-reading skills may be developed within the home and within the nursery school. For parents and educators to build pre-reading skills they can:

  • Provide language and literacy-rich environments

  • Conduct storytelling using developmentally appropriate resources

Let’s consider these 2 essential tips in further detail.

Language-Rich Environments

Have a look around the physical environment within the home or classroom. Consider what’s available to encourage reading and writing. I’ve included writing as reading and writing go hand in hand. Here are some ideas.

Dressing Up Box - Create a dressing up box by re-using items of child-sized clothing - gloves, shoes, slippers, caps, hats, capes etc. Dressing up boxes will vary depending on various cultural backgrounds of the families. Within a nursery setting, it is advisable to maintain cultural emphasis.

Classified Cards - Pictorial representation of various themes such as vegetables, fruits, transportation, classroom objects, objects in the kitchen.


Other Pre- Reading Tips

  • As adults, enable positive nurturing relationships with children and engage in responsive conversations

  • Model reading (and writing) behaviour and foster children's interest in and enjoyment of reading (and writing)

  • Provide opportunities for children to talk about what is read and to focus on the sounds and parts of language, as well as the meaning

  • Provide opportunities to engage in play that incorporates the exploration of language

Patricia Mezu is the founder and director of Professional Minds. A company that specialises in early childhood education. We serve parents and educators.

Contact us if you have any questions about teaching your child how to read. INFO@PRMINDS.ORG

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